What We Do

Identity for you business starts with your name and logo. At Reek Creations we take care in providing you with a logo design that you are happy with and suits your business well. Feel free to check out our examples of logo design. Special requests are nothing new for Reek Creations. Feel free to look through our portfolio and see some of the items we have created for our customers throughout the years. The picture below shows a hanging parking pass designed for Rutgers University. Printing isn't just on paper anymore. The photo below showcases some of the work we did for SuperBowl XLVII. We printed the NFL logo on napkins, cups, along with several other items for the grand event. Check out some of the other examples of printing that Reek Creations is capable of.
This is an example of a logo created by Reek Creations Parking permit made by Reek Creations on display in their portfolio. This is an example of the printing services available at Reek Creations.
This is an example of the type of Apparel Reek Creations can provide your business with. This is an example of the type of onsite Engraving Reek Creations can do. This is an example of the type of signage requests Reek Creations has experience with.
Reek Creations has been providing customers with apparel for their businesses for over 10 years now. Our strategic relationships with select vendors allow us to offer a surperior product at competitive prices. Feel free to check out some of apparel examples throughout the years. Reek Creations has recenlty acquired a laser engraving machine. This machine has enabled us to engrave many items for customers in a short time frame. We have engraved items in wood, plastic, and even metal. Check out some of our engraving examples. Proper signage is what gets your business noticed. at Reek Creations we have created many different variations of signs such as but not limited to: banners, commercial vehicle stickering and signs, entrance door signs, window signs, and sidewalk flags just to mention a few. Check out examples of our signage that we have presented our customers with.
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